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Who provides your medical services?

We have partnerships with 2 of seAsia’s leading fertility centres including the Number One ranked hospital in the Region. We also have our own medical team and Egg Bank specialists. Our many years working in seAsia and extensive due-diligence means you can be comfortable that the services provided meet the highest international standards.

How experienced are your own staff?

Our Medical Director is one of the pioneers in egg donation in seAsia and has personally assisted over 2000 intending parents achieve their dream of having a family of their own. Our International Patient Counsellors have many years of experience and are from Australia, the UK, Ukraine and Malaysia.

What is your success rate for frozen egg donation?

Our success rates are determined by the individual characteristics of each case and whether you are using our medical services for the complete cycle or we are shipping your eggs or embryos to another clinic. If you choose our service you can reasonably expect to become pregnant your first cycle. Our success rates equal those in most countries including Australia, Europe and the USA.

I am over 40. Will your egg bank program work for me?

We assist women of all ages up to the age of 54 and all have the same high chance of success as it is the age of the donor that is most important. This applies to fresh cycles and frozen.

What medication will I need to take if I use an Egg Donor?

Providing you have no prior medical conditions which might affect your preparation you will require a scan and blood tests and the male partner blood tests and a sperm analysis before attending our treatment centre. The female partner will be prescribed oral medication in the month preceding embryo transfer. Our medical team will provide you with a treatment schedule and time line, which details all medication and the dosage, both before transfer and after. All of your medication up until your pregnancy test is included in our package price once you arrive for treatment. If we are shipping your eggs to another clinic then of course they will be providing you with their treatment schedule.

How quickly can I start with an Egg Donor?

This depends on demand. Usually we are able to help our patients choose their donor and start their treatment within 8-weeks for a Fresh Cycle. You can usually start a Frozen Egg cycle within 4-weeks.

Why don't you post all of your donors on your website so I can choose on-line?

Our donors are in such high demand that it would be difficult to keep pace with changes. It is more efficient and faster if we send you donor profiles on request. We often have a waiting list so recommend Intending parents book at least 2-months ahead- although you can purchase frozen eggs within a few days.

Can I expect to get pregnant the first time I use an Egg Donor?

Yes, you can reasonably expect this and more than half our Intending Parents do. However, it is not guaranteed.

Can I meet my Egg Donor?

This is not possible due to both donors and parents remaining anonymous.

I am Muslim. Do you have Muslim egg donors?

No. As I am sure you understand, there are religious reasons for this. Also, we are unable to meet other requirements such as a temporary marriage.

Where do you get your egg donors from?

To ensure the best possible results and to have complete control of the medical Process we do not use agency donors. All donors are sourced by us. Our very popular Chinese donors are mostly sourced locally to our international hospital and we have our own team sourcing Thai donors in Thailand. All donor applicants go through a very comprehensive screening and counselling program before being accepted. Our Caucasian donors are sourced by our own staff in the Ukraine and other countries.

How many Egg Donors can I choose from?

Most couples choose their donor from 6 profiles. All of our donors are very high quality and we have the most comprehensive screening process in Asia. It is rare for a couple not to find a donor they are happy with within 6 profiles but you can choose from more depending on availability at the time. Counting our Asian and Caucasian donors together with our egg bank we have over 200 at any one time.

Do you have Caucasian Egg Donors?

Yes - we have our own Caucasian donor program and Olya, our Medical Coordinator, works closely with our Donor Coordinator to make sure the donors are suitably screened for our program. Once you have selected your donor you deal directly with our medical support team for all matters including donor information and medical services.



  • "I can’t thank the staff at Fertility Choices Group enough for the kind and compassionate care they gave us.

    We were treated like very special people- such a change after our experience with other donor services.

    And we got our baby. I am so, so happy.!"

  • "Amazing service and extremely prompt answers to all my questions. I never felt I was ‘just another’ patient.

    It did take two tries for me to become pregnant but that was to be expected given my history.

    Thank you FCG- from all three of us!"

    KT Hong Kong

  • "We used Fertility Choices for two years.

    Always professional and on time. No problems with shipping or customs ever."

    Ryan CC China agent

  • "They have such a big range of beautiful donors- it makes it hard to choose!"

    Winnie Taipei

  • "Thank you Cathie and Team, thank you thank you"

    Lynn Brisbane

  • "We had decided on eggs from their egg bank when the donor we had chosen became available for a fresh donation- so we chose her straight away.

    We had to wait another 2-months but 23 eggs made it all worthwhile.

    The staff were very helpful and it was no problem changing the dates and other arrangements."

  • "I tried IVF in Australia 3 times with no luck- FCG helped me through a very difficult patch and suggested I use NGS to check the embryos for my cycle with them.

    Now I am pregnant with the little girl I so wanted. Fingers crossed!

    BT Family- Sydney

  • "FCG helped me, a single Dad, when other agencies wouldn’t even talk to me.

    Am in process now- nervously waiting for my pregnancy test."

    SB Bangkok


We specialise in offering the highest quality eggs using the very latest in egg freezing technology. Our embryologists are Cryotech certified and achieve an average of 98% egg thawing rates.

We do our best to keep prices at an affordable level- well within the budget range for most families. Our caring and very experienced fertility consultants will start you on the path to creating the family you dream of in as little as 4-weeks.

Phone number: +60-12-579-2006

WeChat ID: EggBankAsia


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